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Hassel Free Office Relocation

Office relocations can be a hassle if you are using your office administrative and housekeeping staff to do the packing. When you contact Singapore professional movers, they will box all the stationary, furniture, dismantle the cabins, shelves, and rearrange them in your destined place. Office removalists are trained to unscrew the furniture from the floor, uninstall and reinstall the office cabins, shelves, etc. You must not call house removalist for relocating an office, as these professionals are specifically trained for this purpose. Your desks, chairs, printers, computers, etc. will be boxed neatly and shipped to your desired location.

Cost of house and office relocation vary

House relocation charges are entirely different than commercial and office relocation. The charges for relocating an office are usually slightly higher than house removals. If you have a boutique, or an office that deals with musical instruments, dental chairs, etc., then these professionals know how to pack these items and ship them. If you have any special instructions for these professionals, you can let them know beforehand. You can call them the same day you want to relocate. But, in any case, you must remove the items and documents that you need so that they can directly start boxing all the items for relocation.

Track your shipment at any given time

• Once you are done with the packaging, if your shipment is taking time, you will usually be informed. You can also contact the customer service, provide your invoice number and get the details about shipment and delivery date.

• Most of these movers and packers companies have their website that is fully functional. You can just punch in the number of your invoice and track where your shipment is. Office movers Singapore give you the service of shipping everything and also delivering it the same day if the location where you want to relocate is not very far.

• In any case, if any of your packages is lost or damaged, you will be given a full reimbursement for those items. Hence, before you take the service of any of these packers and movers, you must check for all their terms and conditions before making the payment.

• Back loading services are also available for office and commercial relocations. If you only want to ship partially the items in your office, then, you can use this service.

• If you have an office in a location that has unpredictable weather condition, the company will take care of all the weather changes and pack all your items accordingly. If your shipment takes more than a week’s time based on your destined location, then you will be informed about the same beforehand.

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