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How To Make Floral Giveaway Accessories

Do you love everything floral? If that is the case, you might be interested in a pass time that could give you oodles of joy such as making accessories out of fresh florals. It is not easy but if you really have the vision for it and enough creative energy to decorate the world in floral wreathes you might just be able to even start your own business. Here are some great tips to follow when you set about making the floral choices for your wearable floral accessories.

Pick types that are not overly delicate

Whether you get your raw materials from an online florist or from your own backyard one great rule of thumb to follow with is not to invest in types that are extremely delicate. For example venus flytraps, maidenhair ferns, money tree plants, chocolate cosmos, orchids and parrot’s beaks are good examples of florals and leaves that are so fragile that it would take a lot of skill to incorporate them into the design without damaging them and even if that one is smoothly executed, they might die out really soon. Go with examples like gerberas, daisies, sunflowers, baby’s breath, orange blossoms and the likes that can take a little bit of rough handling.

Pick types that will smell nice always

One great way to make sure that everything looks and smells great is to ensure that same day flower delivery Singapore takes place. In addition to this however, is the fact that you can choose fragrant florals that will smell nice and fresh for a while.

For example, clemantis, vibernum, lily of the valley, mock orange, daphne, lilac and tuberose are some great examples of beautiful, vibrant and fragrant florals that will really add that extra punch or kick to a wearable accessory made of fresh florals. Bad choices would be dragon lily, butterfly bush, trillium and candy tuft.

Look at the colour combinations

One thing that you really need to have is a great eye for colour palettes and how they can either make the skin of the wearer pop or look washed out. Of course if you are doing something in bulk it is difficult to determine this but wherever possible use neutral tones that will complement both war and cold toned skins. If you must use colours combine vivacious colours with a bit of white or pale colours to give a balanced effect. If you were to combine bright neon yellow and red and blue in one go, a person would have a difficult time looking at it much less enjoy wearing it.

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