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How To Pick The Perfect Gift For Your Boss (the Cheap Way)

It can be hard choosing something for a person who has everything or who you don’t know well. But getting a gift for your boss might be one of the most stressful things to do. It could be for their birthday, life event, or just because you need to show some appreciation — you have to find a gift that goes a little farther than one that just says “coolest boss around”.

the first thing that will boggle your mind will be the budget; spending too little may come off as cheap, but also spending overly might look like as if you are trying to get their “favorite employee” title. So, it is safest to opt for a gift that is considerate, not too personal and affordable. Try these gift ideas below if you need some help the next time you are struggling to pick something for your boss.

A thoughtfully picked book

Is your boss’s cabin a little library? Does he keep a book on the table top? Is she seen sitting down for tea with a book in her hand? Find out their favorite author or their preferred genre. Purchasing a book is definitely an attentive gift. If this person is more of a notebook/sketchbook person, you can get something exclusively designed with their favorite quote and initials with the help of a corporate gift Singapore supplier.

A beautiful travel mug

Does your supervisor fly often? Or arrive a bit late to the office in the morning not even having time for breakfast? This will be a well thought out gift for them. A travel mug is definitely many steps ahead of giving an ordinary photo printed or thermal color changing mug. You could even engrave their name and initials onto this and take it to the next level. Customised gifts never fail to make an impression.

Aromatherapy items

Fragrances and essential oils have magic in them that soothe the stressed body and mind. They could come in the forms of scented candles, oil infused items, diffusers for interior spaces and vehicles or even hand creams and other topical creams. A little something like this would come as a surprise but anyone would be delighted to receive something that smells nice. Stick to mild and commonly loved scents as lemon, orange, rose and lavender to be safe.

Everything coffee and tea

Does she absolutely love her evening cuppa? Does he consistently run on coffee? Then why not find something unique and a bit rare to give them. High quality black tea leaves with an infusion or as it is, or a selection of different flavored teas that she can cherry pick from depending on the mood will be sweet. A special brew jar of coffee depending on the kind of coffee he is always seen drinking be it cappuccino or strong ground brew, you can’t really go wrong.

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